The listener Archetype

How much time do you spend talking and listening during a social interaction with certain individuals?

Let’s apply the Pareto Rule to this phenomenon.


80 percent of the time listening and 20 percent talking or inversed?

The Listener Archetype is alive at 80 percent listening.

Active listening 80/20 is empathic listening, caring, giving feedback.

Passive Listening 80/20 is disconnected.

Dumping is 80 percent talking about your issues.

Narcissism is 80 percent talking about yourself and your world as “more” or “better” or “the best” or “less”, “worse”, or “the worst”.

Bullying is 80 percent talking and interrupting and arguing and needs to be right and to win.

Sharing is 50/50 ish…

Resources for Active Listening

Resources for Narcissism