Co-Create with Nature

Mindful Gardening is so in right now..anything mindful is in right now..finally..

However can we just be mindful about mindfulness please..too much is just too much already..

Being in the present moment whilst gardening in a no we need to give it a name? A procedure? Mindful gardening..booooring.

If you’re thinking about mindfulness whilst gardening you’re not mindful. Worse, you’re not gardening.

My mind goes all over the shop when i garden and i find it very healing.

I always talk to my flowers, plants, insects, butterflies and other creatures.

The trees answer back.

My nails scratch the earth like chicken claws digging for worms.

I celebrate those worms making my soil richer.

Mother Nature is always in charge and as a mother myself i respect that.

However we do argue and i try to have my way.

But if mother says no, that seed ain’t gonna grow.

I feel honoured to co-create with Mother Nature if She finds me worthy of her abundance.

Get your hands filthy, dig in the mud, love your weeds and medicinals, pot plants, grow seeds, get outdoors.

Co-create with Nature.

More Nature, More Art.

Great Article:

My Garden is 12 months old (August 2021) 100% co-created with Love. (Pesticide free)

Even Baguera Cat loves it!

Wisdom Bits by Olivia

Photography by (V.O)